Crochet Bow

ok well i’ve seen alot of these on blogger doing give a ways for these bows ok so i found this video i’m so gonna try this . though the one blog i was reading did these as a hair bow i’m gonna see what i come up with …so here is the video if you make one comment and let me know so i can see your work. enjoy..


Edible Candy Cane Christmas Art


Candy canes arrive the day after Halloween, and then you start seeing them everywhere. What perfect little peppermint treats! Of course, candy canes are so common around Christmas, they are easy to overlook when you’re thinking of creative Christmas projects to enjoy with your family. But humble little candy canes can be transformed into a creative and delicious treat, perfect for sharing with family and friends all through the holidays.

We crafted some sweet candy cane art with the kids. Not only will they love making these festive Christmas crafts, they’ll enjoy eating them, too!


Mini candy canes
White chocolate
Semi-sweet chocolate
Christmas sprinkles
Waxed paper or parchment paper


Step 1: Line a baking sheet with waxed paper or parchment paper.

Step 2: Lay two mini candy canes next to each other, creating a heart shape.

Step 3: Continue filling the baking sheet with heart shapes.

Step 4: Melt the white and semi-sweet chocolates (in separate bowls), using short intervals in the microwave, or in a double boiler.

Step 5: When the chocolates are melted, spoon or pour each chocolate into a piping bag or thick Ziploc type bag. Cut a tiny bit off one of the corners of each bag. Begin with either flavor of chocolate, and pipe in a layer of chocolate between the arranged candy cane hearts. If you’d like your hearts to have both flavors of chocolate, then layer one kind on top of the other.

Step 6: After filling each heart with one, or both kinds of chocolate, top with sprinkles of your choice.

Step 7: Set the baking sheet of chocolate filled hearts in a cool place while the chocolate cools. Once cool, remove hearts from baking sheet and store in an airtight container.

The candy cane hearts can be stored up to one week (they are edible much longer than that, but the chocolate may begin to lighten after a week).

These delicious treats are perfect as little gifts, or beautiful mixed in with Christmas cookies on a dessert platter.

site where i found this is here

Crochet Wreath Pin

*You can use a variety of yarn types.  Sport weight or worsted weight work well.  Our sample was made with green worsted weight yarn with silver threads in it.

  1. sc around a 1″ plastic ring.  Depending on the type of yarn you use, you will probably get 15 to 18 sc around the ring.  You should have enough sc to cover the ring but not overcrowd the ring.
  2. Ch 3, slst in 1st sc *ch3 slst in next sc. Repeat from * around.  Knot off and weave the loose ends back into your crochet piece.
  3. Stitch a bar pin on one side of the wreath. Thread a 7″ piece of  ribbon through two of the sc and tie in a bow.
  4. Stitch the beads in groups of three to the same side of the wreath as the bow.

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Craft Supplies:

  • Small amount green or white yarn
  • Plastic O ring
  • 1/8″ ribbon in silver, gold, white or red
  • 15 very small red beads
  • Bar pin
  • Crochet hook Size D
  • Yarn needle
  • Needle & thread

making scarf’s to pass the time

hey there my crafty friends, well today has been a pretty simple day. We are starting to go though hurricane sandy so the wind has been picking up all day right now wind is about 35 mil hr winds tomorrow will be worse. So i did alot of crocheting today i finished my step-moms scarf for Christmas  and now i’m working on one for my niece for Christmas it’s almost done i’ll be doing alot of crocheting if we loose power lol so this will be the last post prob til Thur or Friday. so happy crafting friends