sorry i’ve been M I A .. been having so much going on with my life in the past month want to know check out my personal blog. I’ve have not had time to do any crocheting or crafting blah i hope once my son goes back to school i’ll be able to do some more posting. Hope everyone had a safe new years eve… and Happy New Year to all my crafty friends.



Christmas around the corner

hey there everyone well christmas is just around the corner. wow hard to believe so i’ll be making some goodies this  coming month going to be making home made apple butter, cinn ornaments and some more well i hope to anyways. so keep checking the blog for fun and crafty things to try i’ll be posting more this month cause of course it’s christmas my favorite time of the  year. lots of fun crafty idea’s are running though my head.

making scarf’s to pass the time

hey there my crafty friends, well today has been a pretty simple day. We are starting to go though hurricane sandy so the wind has been picking up all day right now wind is about 35 mil hr winds tomorrow will be worse. So i did alot of crocheting today i finished my step-moms scarf for Christmas  and now i’m working on one for my niece for Christmas it’s almost done i’ll be doing alot of crocheting if we loose power lol so this will be the last post prob til Thur or Friday. so happy crafting friends

Thought this was super cute for halloween. i Reblogged this from The recipe Hoarder so go visit her blog

The Recipe Hoarder

Rice Krispie Jack-o-Lanterns

Happy Halloween!

We’ve seen the commercial with the little kids making Rice Krispie Treats several times over the last week. Clearly, the commercial works, because we have been celebrating with Rice Krispie Treats this weekend. I made our Treats into jack-o-lanterns to make them a bit more festive.

I used Mike & Ike candies to make the little pumpkin stems, but I think green gumdrops or licorice would work well, too. I used mini chocolate chips for the faces—they might not be the best choice. The tiny chocolate chips started to melt really quickly while I was trying to put them in place, and they weren’t quite big enough to really insert into the treat far enough to stay in place. Next time, I might use icing to draw on the faces.

One more note: I substituted Crisco for the butter in my treats because it is what we had…

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