New fringed scarf


Learned how to do a new fringe so I did a step by step for you guys I finished the scarf I did for my mom for Christmas gift


Crochet case and Facebook Page

Hi there guys..well yesterday i was a little bored and i finished my first scarf, so i decided to make another crochet case. This one i did in a purple multi colored yarn called (monet) .. i did it a tad differant then the other case that i did.  so here is a picture..and if anyone wants to know how just  comment below and i’ll write step by step how i do it. didn’t follow any pattern just pretty much made it up as i went along. On this one i have loops inside for the hooks, and used a thicker hook, so the case is alot thicker then the first one that i made.

Ok so the second part of  my blog i wanted to share that i have finished my first scarf, it came out really good i think, and i’ve had many people who have said that they like it too. and some people have asked me how i made the fringe one the scarf so i did take some pictures and i will add them to the post. i know they are prob many ways to do the fringe but this is how i did it. I got a dvd case and wraped the yarn around it the long way the cut on the bottom that way they are all even and no trimming at the end . so  enjoy some pictures. …i also added a facebook fan page link is on the side so click like to up updated on when i post blogs, or great new craft ideas… and my friend and i are looking into making our own tarts for tart warmer’s when we do i’ll be posting pictures and possible video.



A new crafty side of me

OK so i was talking to a family member yesterday and she makes these No sew fleece blankets made with knots and it sounds like so much fun. I found a video on you tube and it looks so easy. I want to try this and see how it goes i’ll post pictures when i’m done, but i’m thinking these would make awesome homemade gifts for people. I’ve been talking to my bestie and she is all into crafts and now so am i. I’ve always wanted to but didn’t know where to start. This Christmas we are making our own Christmas cards with stamps and glitter should be alot of fun. Also many more things i want to make that I’ve seen online. I did some creche and I’ve started two scarfs but ran out of yarn haha so tomorrow i’ll be getting some more. Also making some for gifts, and now that i found out how to make the NO SEW blankets/throws i’m excited. I’m gonna my my niece a hello kitty one and my nephew a angry birds one to match there rooms. I’m also going to be making some jewelry earings  bracelets, and so on my bestie is going to be showing me how to do those cause i don’t know how yet lol

Now some things i’ve worked on:


scarfts Not done- Butterflies – pot holder with butterflies