St patty’s day craft- shamrock wreath


Things Needed for the Shamrock Wreath:

  • Three 10 inch foam hearts
  • roll of green crepe paper (sold by the party supplies)
  • hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • white glue (such as Elmer’s)
  • wire
  • Size #8 1/2 inch short straight pins
  • 4 mM white pearl beads
  • St. Patrick’s day ribbon for the bow
  • 2 paper brads
  • fishing line or cord for hanging

1. Begin this shamrock wreath with three foam hearts.  The ones I bought were the 10 inch size and were already green, but they were a little scuffed up.  I chose to wrap mine with green crepe paper, but you could also spray paint them green if you like.

foam hearts

2. Using green crepe paper, secure one end of the paper to the wreath using glue.  Add a line of white glue on the foam heart.  Then, wrap the crepe paper around the hearts tightly, overlapping it about halfway over the first wrap.  Around the corners you may find you have a bit of paper sticking up.  This is easily fixed with a bit of white glue.  When you get the whole heart wrapped, secure the end of the crepe paper with some glue.  Wrap all three hearts like this.

wrapping heart wrapping crepe paper2

wrapped heart2

3. Place the three hearts together to form a shamrock shape.  Using a hot glue gun, secure the pieces together.  This will not be enough to hold the shapes together, so use some wire and wrap all three hearts together in the middle.  You will be putting a bow over the middle so you don’t have to worry about the wire being seen.

three heart shamrock wire center

4. To add some decorations, I chose to decorate the wreath with pearl beads.  You can use any type of bead you wish, or even try some sequins.  I threaded a pearl bead on short straight pins, then pushed each pin into the wreath, as shown.

threading pinadding pin

pearl beads

5. Create a bow using a length of St. Patrick’s Day ribbon.  If you would like step by step directions on how to make a pretty bow, just see the my other project, St. Patrick’s Day wreath.  After the bow is created, use a bit of wire to connect it the middle of the wreath.

wreath bow

6. To create a hanger, push two large headed paper brads into the foam on the back of the wreath, about two inches apart.  Then, tie a length of fishing line or cord around each brad to create a loop for hanging.

wreath hanger2

7.  Have fun showing off your shamrock wreath this St. Patrick’s Day!

shamrock wreath
this is such a cute and fun craft …credit to the owner of this craft  click here to visit her blog

Glitter iphone case

563118_206889982789400_1836815683_ni made a glitter iphone case so easy and alot of fun. This is something to do on a snowy day or if u just want something to do with your kids. FYI u will get glitter EVERYWHERE lol but it’s so much fun.

Things u will need: paint brush (large one or small size will be good )

mod podge

Glitter any kind is good and if u want to do more then one color u could.

and a iphone case u no longer like or simply go to the dollar store and get one …that is what i did

first u cover the phone in mod podge and sprinkle glitter all over then shake of the extra

let it dry for a hour then paint it with mod podge it will look white but it drys clear..


Have fun



sorry i’ve been M I A .. been having so much going on with my life in the past month want to know check out my personal blog. I’ve have not had time to do any crocheting or crafting blah i hope once my son goes back to school i’ll be able to do some more posting. Hope everyone had a safe new years eve… and Happy New Year to all my crafty friends.


Reindeer Ordainment

Items needed:

3 wooden hearts (at walmart or craft store)

brown paint

paint brush

red ribbon


glue gun or just craft glue

red bom bom’s


paint, the hearts brown..glue the together as picture above, one heart upside down for the head and two upright for the antler’s . Glue on the eyes and nose. and make a bow out of your red ribbon and glue it on the head for a girl . Then with more red ribbon make a handle to hand the ordainment on your tree let dry and your done.

Hope you and your’e kids enjoy this little easy craft.


Snowman Ornament

i so need to start posting more often. I’ve been working on alot of scarf’s latly and have wrapped them up and ready to go out. Yes they were christmas gift.Wight now working on one for my son, but been taken a break for a week and now i need to get back to work, and finish it up. Wight now i’m half way though it. I also want to get some craf things together Going to be making apple butter for christmas gifts . so i can’t wait to get started on them next week. I’v also have had lots of appointments so sorry for the slacking of posting here. Also if you follow me comment cause i’ll follow back love reading new blogs 🙂


Are you looking for unique Christmas crafts for children? These snowman decorations are fun, easy, and inexpensive Christmas crafts for children of all ages! In fact, you’ll probably have as much fun with them as the kids do. Christmas crafts for children or not, these snowmen bring out the kid in all of us. Make a bunch of snowman ornaments and your tree will be beautiful!

Materials Needed to Make A Snowman Ornament

Clear tree ornament balls (plastic)
snowman fill: this could be cotton balls, shredded paper, glitter, snow confetti, artifical snow or even white candies for a sweet treat!
Small Pom Pom’s
Flannel or fabric scraps
Tacky Glue
Hot glue

Instructions for making a snowman ornament

Remove the top from the ornament and stuff the filling into the clear ornament making it look like snow. Use a pencil to shove the paper, cotton balls into the ball. (Please be sure to use plastic oranments with children!)

Replace the hanger top.

Cut out the eyes and mouth from black felt.

Cut out the carrot nose from orange felt.

Glue these onto the ornament to make a cute face using tacky glue.

Glue a pom pom on each side of the head to cover the ears with hot glue.

Cut a piece of chenille to go from the top of one ear muff to the other with hot melt glue.

Glue the chenille in place.

Cut a scarf from felt to go around the bottom of the ornament. Cut slits into the ends to make it look like the fringe on a scarf.

Glue the scarf onto the bottom of the ornament using hot melt glue.

Tie a ribbon through the hanger top to hang it on the tree.

what a cute and crafty site to visit click here



Trim the tree with cookie cutters

YOU’LL NEED (makes 1 ornament):

  • Scissors
  • Plaid wrapping paper (available at
  • Sheet of card stock
  • Pencil
  • Glue stick
  • Holiday cookie cutter (available at
  • Twine or narrow ribbon
  • Fine-tipped paintbrush
  • Craft glue (available at craft stores)

1. Cut a piece of wrapping paper and place it on table, wrong side up. Lay a piece of card stock on top and trace around card stock. Cut out.

2. Cover one side of card stock with glue. Position wrapping paper over it and press down (paper and card stock need not align precisely). Let dry.

3. Lay card stock–backed paper on flat surface, plaid side down. Place cookie cutter on top and trace around it. Cut out.

4. Cut 1′ length of twine. Join ends together and knot. String cookie cutter onto twine, holding knotted end in one hand and looped end in other. Pull knotted end through looped end to create ornament hanger.

5. Dip paintbrush into craft glue; dot along edge of cutter. Lightly press cutter onto cut-out wrapping paper; let dry.

Christmas around the corner

hey there everyone well christmas is just around the corner. wow hard to believe so i’ll be making some goodies this  coming month going to be making home made apple butter, cinn ornaments and some more well i hope to anyways. so keep checking the blog for fun and crafty things to try i’ll be posting more this month cause of course it’s christmas my favorite time of the  year. lots of fun crafty idea’s are running though my head.