About My Blog

Hello everyone welcome to Donna’s craftyCreations..my creative blog. I’ve recently have learned how to crochet and i just love it. There is still so much to learn but i have made some things and working on stuff for gifts. I also look around on the net and find cute craft project, and post them i always post links to the blog or the person to give credit . I never say i make them ..or am the owner of this craft. So if you have some idea’s for crafts that would be fun to do drop me a comment i would love to see them. I also not only into crochet but , new fun recipies to bake ..The holidays are coming and always looking for something fun and cute to make or do .

My name is Donna i live in Connecticut / USA  i am a divorced woman raising my autistic son who is now 20 but it’s a full time job, but i’m also blessed . I’m soon to be the BIG 40 wow..am i the only one who thinks that is old haha. ok so i guess in my older age i’m finding my creative side and i’ve just loving it. when i was younger i always wanted to do more but never thought i could learn Bang look at me now lol. so please Follow,Comment, and Check out my other blog and links





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