Creepy cute spider’s

Spooky spiders craft for kids


Looking for a creepy little craft? These spooky spiders are the perfect complement to your family’s Halloween party or your home décor. In orange and black, these little arachnids are sure to make fright night more festive and fun. Get creative and use other colors as well!


Small pony beads
Pipe cleaners (black and orange)


1. For each spider, gather four pipe cleaners in a bunch. Bend the bunch in half and then tightly twist the section near the fold several times to shape a slender spider body.
2. Separate the pipe cleaner ends to create the spider’s legs.
3. Slide a couple of beads onto each leg and push them up close to the body. Then bend each leg an inch from the body and slide a couple more beads up to the joint. Bend the legs again to create a second set of joints about 1 1/2 inches from first and slide on the final pairs of beads.

Found this at this site so check it out alot of cute halloween craft idea’s.


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