Crochet case and Facebook Page

Hi there guys..well yesterday i was a little bored and i finished my first scarf, so i decided to make another crochet case. This one i did in a purple multi colored yarn called (monet) .. i did it a tad differant then the other case that i did.  so here is a picture..and if anyone wants to know how just  comment below and i’ll write step by step how i do it. didn’t follow any pattern just pretty much made it up as i went along. On this one i have loops inside for the hooks, and used a thicker hook, so the case is alot thicker then the first one that i made.

Ok so the second part of  my blog i wanted to share that i have finished my first scarf, it came out really good i think, and i’ve had many people who have said that they like it too. and some people have asked me how i made the fringe one the scarf so i did take some pictures and i will add them to the post. i know they are prob many ways to do the fringe but this is how i did it. I got a dvd case and wraped the yarn around it the long way the cut on the bottom that way they are all even and no trimming at the end . so  enjoy some pictures. …i also added a facebook fan page link is on the side so click like to up updated on when i post blogs, or great new craft ideas… and my friend and i are looking into making our own tarts for tart warmer’s when we do i’ll be posting pictures and possible video.




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